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About us

Founded in 1994, NeWare Technology (Hong Kong) Ltd. has been engaged in sales and marketing of computer peripherals, telecommunication equipments and other high-tech products.

NeWare is currently distributing and reselling wide format color inkjet printers, edible ink printers, woodworking machines/ tools, telecommunication infrastructure/ coverage improvement products (cable, antenna, repeater, etc.), electronic components, battery testing systems, etc., mainly for local market and for export, too.

As a gateway connecting the mainland and the world with our extensive China connections, NeWare has established strategic cooperation relationships with numerous business partners in China. We not only explore international market to export China-made products, but help to introduce foreign vendors to develop China market and look for appropriate Chinese partners.

Our mission is to serve our customers with superior products and excellent services.
Our vision is: Foothold in Hong Kong, Backup by the mainland and Eyes on the world.

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Our office location is:

Office E, 22/F, YHC Tower,
1 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay,
Hong Kong

(852) 2759 8199


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